What You Can do for National Small Business Week

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Small businesses are important to their communities, contributing creativity and economic diversity, as well as creating jobs and setting an example for future entrepreneurs. As important as small businesses are locally, they are also important on a national scale and this week, National Small Business Week in underway in order to honer them for their contributions. The Small Business Week is an annual event that is sponsored by the SBA, with the tradition started in 1963 under President John F. Kennedy and perpetuated to this day.

Spread the word! Many people are simply not aware that Small Business Week is currently underway, so in order to foster a greater awareness and build on the positive message of the event, it’s a good idea to display on your digital an physical business presences some material announcing the event and that your business is participating.

You don’t have to be at an SBA event to be involved in small business week. There are events for entrepreneurs taking place this week in a few select cities across the country, namely Kansas City, Boston, and Washington DC, but if your business is not in or around these cities, don’t despair. There are many ways to participate in the week, from hosting your own small business meet up, to posting tips for other aspiring entrepreneurs on your blog or small business website. The main goal of the event is community building, so business owners should think of ways that they can celebrate and acknowledge Small Business Week while at the same time rallying the community around small businesses all year round.

What should small business owners take away from Small Business Week? The small business owners being honored by this week should realize that they are not only important one week of the year, but represent a crucial part of the American way of life and contribute tremendously to the National economy. This event has been perpetuated through  10 presidencies, with both Democrats and Republicans having supported it staunchly. This proves that the preservation and recognition of small businesses goes beyond political lines. In a world where it seems that partisanship is increasingly visible in politics, it’s nice to have a week where we can honor something without a trace of controversy.

Photo Credit to Elliott Brown on Flickr

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