What is ACH? (Automated Clearing House)

What is ACH? (Automated Clearing House)

Horizon Business Funding's ACH program allows us to extend merchant cash advance services to all eligible merchants, regardless of lack of open lines of credit, limited or no collateral or bad credit.It is an automatic payment service. The role of ACH in the cash advance industry is the process that allows us to collect repayment as a percentage of daily sales.It gives us flexibility to work with small business owners while requiring no personal guarantee of collateral, meaning our business loan alternatives are unsecured. What is ACH able to do? Ensure small business owner's cash flows are not overburdened by providing flexible repayment structures.

We've broken down what an ACH based merchant cash advance is and why it's a great alternative to traditional small business financing with loans below.

What is ACH an acronym for?

ACH stands for automated clearing house. It is with driving force behind merchant cash advance flexibility. It is a technology that compiles transactions, meaning as you are making sales, you are automatically repaying your merchant cash advance through ACH. There is no extra paperwork to file or internet site to log into. You don't have to worry about meeting deadlines; as long as you are making sales, you are repaying your advance with automated clearing house.

What is ACH advantage?

Our founders were instrumental in pioneering the adoption of what is now known as ACH payment in the merchant cash advance industry. With the majority of small businesses failing in their first year of operation, Horizon Business Funding's founders felt this must be due in large part to a lack of access to direct capital for financing growth.Banks will generally only approve a small business loan if their money is backed by a good credit score, a personal guarantee of collateral, or both, and it can take over a month to get approved as well as precious time spent going over paperwork at a bank location. The bank will claim a stake in the merchant's assets that it will repossess in the event of a default, securing the small business loan given out. By only loaning money to business owners who have personal assets to put up, banks disqualify the business owners who need small business loans the most.

The Benefit of ACH

ACH allows us to fund more merchants on an unsecured basis, with the fastest approvals anywhere. By acting as a cash flow friendly means of collecting repayment, more and more business owners are discovering ACH based merchant cash advance's advantages. Currently, approximately 85% of small business owners who take out a merchant cash advance with us choose to continue the relationship by refinancing. Out of these merchants, over 65% are enrolled in a program that has automated clearing house payment as a feature. Ask yourself, what is ACH capable of doing for my business? Has there been an improvement or time sensitive project that you haven't been able to pay for out of your business earnings or personal savings?

How Are We Different?

As a direct funder and not a bank, Horizon Business Funding uses automated clearing house payments as a way to offer unsecured business loan alternatives to merchants, even if they have no collateral or a bad credit score.

When we give you liquid cash up-front, we are effectively purchasing a portion of your future sales. In this way, we can get small business funding to merchants who have been denied direct capital, even by other cash advance companies. All that is required is that their business be at least 2-3 months old with monthly gross sales of at least $15,000 per month.

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Once your initial advance is 70% repaid, you will be given the option to refinance for up to 200% the amount of cash you were first cleared for.

We are not just providers of one-time funding; we are a resource that is here to help grow your enterprise. By simply filling out the application on the right of this page, you will be contacted by one of our dedicated representatives who will guide you through the simple steps it takes to obtain funds in as little as 48 hours. When we give a merchant cash advance we want to make sure that it is ideal for your goals and will not overburden your cash flow, that's why we focus on building relationships with our clients. Interested in learning more about what ACH based cash advance can do for your business?

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We do not fund start-ups, nor provide personal loans.

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