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No collateral business loans are appealing to small business owners looking for direct capital to expand or improve their businesses because there is no chance that they will lose their personal assets in a worst case scenario. However, there are a few issues associated with unsecured loans that can make them less than ideal for many small business owners.

Alternative financing for non-startup small businesses with no personal guarantees of collateral.

How Horizon Can Help

For one thing, loans with no collateral requirement are inherently higher risk for banks, meaning they will have exacting standards for applicants and disqualify business owners due to "high risk loan" business models, bad credit, existing loans, and other issues. Additionally, unsecured funding will have higher interest than other programs and rigid payback structures that can put excessive strain on business cash flow.

Business owners may find that because of the difficulties getting approved for no collateral loans, they may not even be eligible for the funding they require. Even if they are approved, they may be lumped into a generalized program that is not accommodating to the needs of their unique business.

Does your business need funding to grow, but you are not willing to put your equipment or personal assets on the line?

Do you have bad credit, or other issues that have prevented you from getting a no collateral loan in the past?

Horizon Business Funding offers merchant cash advances, which are alternatives to no collateral loans that make sense for business owners.

We take the time to work with you, and create a payment plan that you feel comfortable with, so that the funding we give you is sure to help and not hurt your business.

By filling out the form on the right of this page, you will be contacted by a representative who can guide you through the few steps it takes to have a merchant cash advance plan tailored to your individual needs.

What You Have:

  • Bad credit, existing loans, a high risk designation or any issue banks use to disqualify applicants.
  • A business you have been operating for at least 2-3 months. No startups.
  • Monthly gross sales of $15,000 or higher.
  • Interest in business loans to improve or expand your business.

What We Need:

  • You to fill out the form on the right of this page.
  • The completion of some easy steps that a representative will help you do over the phone.
  • You can live chat with a representative as well.

What You Don't Need:

  • Financing for your business that takes ages to get, while opportunity passes you by.
  • Demands for collateral which you could lose.
  • Restrictions on how you can use the money you apply for.

Does this sound like your small business? Then our funding programs could be just what you're looking for.

Apply now by filling out the form.

QUALIFY FOR UP TO $1,000,000!

  • 95% of applicants approved
  • Bad credit applicants accepted
  • No collateral required

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* Please note that we do not offer financing for start-ups. Applicants must be able to show proof of revenue totaling $10,000 per month for at least 3 months.

A breakdown of our alternative to no collateral loans

In the spirit of keeping things simple, we've broken down what makes a merchant cash advance a great alternative to no collateral loans by showing where Horizon Business Funding's programs and the needs of small business owners meet.

How our alternatives to no collateral business loans work.

While banks offering no collateral loans can require extensive documentation as well as formalized business plans, Horizon Business Funding's merchant cash advance program only requires businesses to have been operating for at least 2-3 months with gross monthly revenue of $15,000 or higher.

If this describes your business, no matter what industry you're in, you are highly likely to qualify for a cash advance from $1,000 up to $1,000,000 that can appear in your bank account as quickly as 48 hours from now.

Once your first advance is 70% repaid, you will have the option to refinance for up to 200% the amount of your initial sum.

No collateral loans rely on interest, whereas merchant cash advance terms are negotiated directly with you, the small business owner, so that there is never a question of how much you will pay back. Payment is taken as a small daily percentage of your sales, which means that if you have a slow day, or even a slow week, your payments will be automatically lowered so that they never interfere with your business cash flow.

The benefit of no collateral business loans is that they require no personal guarantees of property. Merchant cash advances are the same; unsecured so that you don't need to worry about your assets and you can focus on running your business.Horizon Business funding is a resource that your small business can use whenever it needs speedy access to capital.

Apply by filling out the form, and let us show you how much we can help you grow.

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