Horizon Business Funding Combines New Technology and Old-School Business Savvy

Fresh Off New Expansion, Horizon Announces Proprietary Technology Testing Geared Towards Constraint Efficiencies

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - June 19, 2013) - Horizon Business Funding is a merchant cash advance firm that is leading the industry in rate of growth. Horizon Business Funding gives existing businesses in all industries access to direct capital, providing restaurant business loan alternatives, automotive business financing as well as church financing, to name just a few of our programs.

Horizon Business Funding's wildly successful expansion over the past month saw its sales and underwriting force double in size, with still more room available for qualified personnel. In order to maintain and build on this highly competitive standard of growth, the marketing department has been implementing innovative strategies to create a surplus of leads. One of the projects currently in beta testing is a proprietary front end tool that will revolutionize and facilitate ease of communication between sales representatives, underwriters, and merchants. Speaking on this hotly anticipated new software product, Mark Kabbash, Chief Marketing Officer, said, "This product will be integrated with a complete redesign of our website, which will compound on our already tremendously successful SEO initiatives. Looking at our Alexa.com rankings alone, you can see that we have increased our reported reach by 70% in three months. Our current SEO initiatives have placed us in the top 10 Google results for over 40 highly competitive queries, and the lead generation from this alone is increasing every day. The object of the site redesign combined with the development of this proprietary technology is to have the lead production we generate force the growth of sales and underwriting to keep pace."

Horizon Business Funding's success in disrupting the cash advance market in part stems from a history of excellence established by its founders, who were instrumental in the elevation of industry standards since the beginning of cash advance around 10 years ago, which started exclusively with the restaurant business. Roughly 3 years ago they spearheaded the adoption of ACH payments, which first allowed merchant cash advances to be repaid as a percentage of daily earnings. This innovation meant that small business owners were given much greater flexibility and security paying back their advances, as the collection method automatically accounts for dips in sales. Meir Hurwitz, CEO, speaking on what makes Horizon Business Funding unique, said, "We have the most experienced and talented people on our team, many who have been innovators in the merchant cash advance industry since it began. Because of this we have an extremely high success rate working with business owners that even other cash advance providers won't clear for financing. We can fund people who have been in business for as short a time as two months, business owners with bad credit, those who have recently declared bankruptcy, home-based businesses, high risk industries, even non-profit organizations and churches. Horizon Business Funding is unique by virtue of providing these business owners with a funding source when their only other alternative might be to take money out of their personal savings or borrow from friends and family. We have seen many of these businesses that can't get a bank loan for whatever reason flourish once they find out about our service. Most of them continue to call on us as they grow. We are addressing a population of business owners that truly want to expand and be successful, who are shut out from more traditional funding venues, or who can't wait the protracted period of time it takes to get cleared for a bank loan. Ironically, these are the people who can benefit from funding the most, yet they are highly underserved."

About Horizon Business Funding

Horizon Business Funding is a provider of business loan alternatives in the form of merchant cash advances to small business owners, regardless of bad credit or other issues traditional banks use to disqualify funding applicants. We require no personal guarantees of collateral. The fact that we require no collateral from a business loans us a competitive advantage, as we can approve much faster. We fund businesses in any industry provided they have been operating for at least 2-3 months and have a monthly cash flow of $15,000. The efficiency of our underwriting department in vetting merchants with bad credit or in traditionally "high risk" industries including, but not limited to, trucking, liquor stores, construction, commercial fisheries and the automotive industry gives our representatives and the ISOs we work with a competitive advantage through the ability to get small business owners the funding they need when nobody else can. By promoting our core values of professionalism, efficiency and work ethic Horizon Business Funding has experienced exponential growth and is continuing along this trajectory.

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