Mark Fuchs

Providing Strategic Financing for Small Businesses

Mark Fuchs is a Senior Funding Associate at Horizon Business Funding, one of the top providers of merchant capital in the US. Mark specializes in providing a fast turnaround on deals in any US state and in almost any industry.

Experience the difference that a reliable direct funding partner can make.

How Mark Fuchs Can Help Your Business

ISO agents rely on strong communications and fast action to meet the needs of their clients, but finding the same qualities in a funding partner can often be a difficult and frustrating task. The chance to create a partnership with an accountable, honest agent who is able to get quick direct funding for the widest range of deals in the industry is truly a rare opportunity that has the potential to open the floodgates of business growth.

Bad Credit is No Problem

Bad credit and other issues that would prevent an approval from other funding companies are not an issue, and Mark is able to offer approvals for all deals within 5 hours on business days, guaranteed. On top of industry leading efficiency, Mark is open, honest and always just a call away.

  • Fast, reliable turnaround on the widest range of deals
  • Industry leading ability to turn declines into approvals
  • Create residual incomes through easy renewals
  • Monitor performance through regular updates and a high tech portal

Experience the difference that a reliable direct funding partner can make. Give Mark Fuchs a call now. You and your clients will be glad you did.


Mark Fuchs, Senior Funding Associate, Horizon Business Funding
Phone: 347-899-4191. Cell: 862-571-389. Fax: 347-899-4061.


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