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Ministers invest time, energy and faith into their churches, so when it comes time for their church to grow, they should look for a funder who understands their individual needs. At Horizon Business Funding, we realize that in order for a church to move forward and pursue new goals, external financing may be necessary in order to complete projects. This is especially true when there is a strict timeframe involved with improvement or a limit on how long an opportunity will last. Has your church been turned away by banks citing bad credit, outstanding loans, or the nature of your request as reasons to deny you? Even if you have sparkling credit, lengthy approval periods can make bank loans unsuitable for you needs. To better serve your congregation, ask yourself, who can offer respect to your vision as well as quick financial solutions without demanding collateral or ties to your land and property. You are looking for a church funder who will put their faith in you, and not put your personal assets in jeopardy. We understand the importance of loan alternatives that are flexible and unsecured that you can use as you see fit.

Financing options for improving your Church are available without collateral or credit requirements.

Potential applications include ,but are not limited to improvements or remodeling, expansion of property, acquisition of new church buildings, and repayment of mortgages or outstanding loans. The way you utilize the liquid cash we provide is up to your discretion. You are the best steward of direct funding for your church and congregation.

Loan Alternatives For Churches.

In the spirit of keeping things simple, we've gathered the main reasons why a merchant cash advance is an outstanding alternative to financing church improvements using loans. Here's where Horizon Business Funding's programs and your needs overlap.

How Church Financing Works

We do not give traditional bank loans, and therefore have no collateral requirements, and do not reject applicants because of bad credit scores or existing loans.

If your church is at least 2-3 months old, and you have monthly bank deposits of $15,000 or higher, we can create cash advance options specifically tailored to your ministry, informed by personal attention from our knowledge able representatives and underwriters.

The funding process can go from application to your receipt of cash in as few as 48 hours, making cash advance one of the quickest ways to procure church financing. Liquid cash amounts range from $1,000 to $1,000,000.

What You Have:

  • Bad credit, existing loans, a high risk designation or any issue banks use to disqualify.
  • A Church you have owned for at least 2-3 months.
  • Monthly bank deposits of $15,000 or higher.
  • Interest in financing to improve or expand your church.

What We Need:

  • You to fill out the form on the right of this page.
  • The completion of some easy steps that a representative will help you do over the phone.
  • You can live chat with a representative on this page as well.

What You Don't Need:

  • Church financing that takes ages to get, while opportunities expire.
  • Requirements of collateral which you could lose.
  • Restrictions on how you can use the money you apply for.

Does this sound like you? Then our Church financing could be just what you've been looking for.

Apply now by filling out the form on the right of this page.

QUALIFY FOR UP TO $1,000,000!

  • 95% of applicants approved
  • Bad credit applicants accepted
  • No collateral required

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* Please note that we do not offer financing for start-ups. Applicants must be able to show proof of revenue totaling $10,000 per month for at least 3 months.

Once your initial advance is 70% paid back, you can obtain refinancing for up to 200% the dollar amount you were first given.

Repayment is taken as a small percentage of your daily bank deposits, so that if one is smaller than the other, payment is always proportional. By maximizing the ease with which one can apply, the use of financing once approved, and ability to continue a fruitful relationship, Horizon Business Funding is able to craft powerful financial solutions that are there for you through each step of your growth.We look forward to building a relationship with your church based on mutual faith and trust.

If you have been searching for direct capital, please don't hesitate to apply now.

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