Your Business May Have Strong Digital Security, But What About Your Partners?

by / Friday, 08 August 2014 / Published in Small Business Advice

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Small business owners should be aware of their digital security protocols at all times. While many small businesses consider themselves too small to be the target of data theft, in fact it is for this very reason that small and medium businesses are often target by cyber criminals. Knowing that small businesses are repositories of valuable information, from email addresses to credit cards, hackers can take advantage of lax security protocols to easily steal large amounts of data.

What do you know about the security protocols of your business partners? Should you have valuable information that you share with business partners, the level of security that they have should be something that you concern yourself with. Having strong security on the part of your own business is not enough to stop your information from being stolen should a business partner’s networks become compromised. If you are interested in learning about the protocols employed by your business partners, then you may which to enlist the help of your own IT department in reaching out, not only so that you can ask the correct questions, but also so that you can potentially follow up should you discover improper security protocols, helping to keep the relationship between your businesses strong and secure.

Connecting your IT departments to share training can be mutually beneficial. Reaching out from one IT department to the other in order to check up on security, as well as offer some advice on how to bring a standard up that is not sufficient, has the potential to be a mutually beneficial exercise. Your business gets to rest assured that your partners are protecting your valuable information, while they have the benefit of receiving great advice that can keep their own businesses more secure. Everything from how to choose a secure password, to setting up firewalls will ultimately make a difference in how your business will be able to withstand attempts to steal information.

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