Why Your Small Business Should Loan Time To Pinterest

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Pinterest is a social media site based around image sharing, where users can curate boards of images relevant to their specific interests. If another user likes something on another user’s board, they can “re-pin” it to their own wall of interests. In this way, interesting pictures of products can quickly be shared across a wide and dedicated user base in a very targeted manner. Pinterest is particularly useful for consumers creating wishlists of products they like, and there is a vibrant community on the website centering around almost every type of product or industry. Marketing on Pinterest can loan your small business an edge by allowing your customers to share and comment on the best pictures of your products or services that you have to offer, while sharing them with the demographics that are most likely to create viral activity around your brand. While there is a particularly strong user base centering around all things fashion related, any business model can find a way to contribute and share relevant information with their target clientele. Here are some tips for getting started posting on Pinterest that can help your business use it get exposure.

Create your own content. Pinterest is a visually driven service, so it gives you the chance to showcase your products artistically. From a nicely presented bottle of wine, to clothes being modeled, any retail product is able to be showed off. At the same time, companies in non retail sectors, like commercial trucking firms for example, are able to post pictures of their rigs, and even blog content from the open road. Being a content creator is an essential part of successfully marketing your service, so that it can be shared.

Get specific. Don’t be afraid to curate multiple boards with different kinds of content as long as they pertain to different aspects of your business. In fact, if you find the time you can curate boards for other, more personal interests as well. The more targeted boards you have, the better levels of engagement you will get from fans of them. The reason for this is because you are more likely to get a strong positive response for a pin about a certain type of french pastry by pinning it it a french food board as opposed to a general cooking board.

Be an innovator. Without a doubt, one of the best ways to get your content shared is to take notice of what is trending in your industry, and then remix it. An innovative approach will get your pins noticed much faster than if you simply try to mimic the pins you have already seen. For example, say you see an interesting shot of a wine bottle on a wine board, with a black background. Instead of taking the same exact shot of your product, mix it up with a different, attention grabbing color highlighting your product.

Marketing through social media is a powerful way that business owners can loan themselves extra exposure, and is a good technique for running a bad credit business, as the actual monetary investment is negligible.

Photo Credit to Mkhmarketing

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