Why Small Business Owners Shouldn’t Invest too Heavily in Non-Native Blogs

by / Monday, 11 August 2014 / Published in Small Business Marketing

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A recent article on Yahoo Small Business touted marketing on Tumblr for small business owners. Tumblr is a great platform that combines some of the best features of a blog with a newsfeed comparable to Facebook or G+. In terms of allowing a business to connect to its customer base and get a better sense of what their followers are interested in, it is a versatile tool. However, a word o to small business owners who are thinking that they don’t need to host their own content in addition to contributing to communities such as the one found on Tumblr; be careful to not assume too much about content that you don’t directly control.

If you lose your content on Tumblr or other 3rd party platforms, it can be gone for good. Something that small business owners may or may not consider about Tumblr and other third party platforms where they post their content is the fact that they are not the ones with final control over whether the content stays or gets deleted. If Tumblr decides that your blog contains inappropriate materials or is somehow breaking their terms of service, all the content within it can be deleted with no reliable way of getting it back. After spending the time to write content day after day, there is nothing more frustrating than having it all disappear with no chance of seeing any of it again.

Always save a copy of your posts when you put work into them. If you are going to post content directly to a service like Tumblr, make sure that somewhere you have saved a copy of your content to be prepared in the event that for whatever reason it does get deleted. Better yet, keep your content on a blog hosted on your own website and then share it through other sites. In this way, even if your posts are deleted elsewhere, you will still have all of your content preserved on your own blog instead of lost. Losing content is incredibly frustrating, and for a small business, it can represent the loss of significant time and resources. By all means, investigate different social media platforms, but be aware of where you post and whether or not you are prepared in the event that those posts get deleted.


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