Why Small Business Owners Shouldn’t Forget the Merits of Content Curation

by / Wednesday, 20 August 2014 / Published in Small Business Marketing

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Content is king goes the saying, and to the one with the best content go the spoils is what one might conclude from this. However, this isn’t absolutely true when you include content curation in the picture. Content curation refers to finding and sharing content that is directly relevant to the interests of your target demographic, turning your social media presence into a place where your followers can find the type of content they are looking for even if you are not able to write a new piece every day. Along with strategic recycling of content, curation is the best way to flesh out a thread and retain interest.

Content curation is great because it can also allow you to find opportunities to collaborate. When you promote the content of another business, you are helping them reach a new audience and allowing them to gain beneficial exposure. In many cases, this will be enough to prompt them to return the favor. Fruitful interactions between social media profiles can spawn opportunities that range from simple guest posting to something as advanced as the chance to create a joint branded product. Social media is all about interactions, so think of how you would approach and interact with another business owner at an event, then translate those steps into your curation approach.

Content curation gives your followers variety that you can’t provide alone. While you may have a great perspective on a wide range of topics, it is unrealistic to assume that your content is the only content that your customers are going to be consuming. They will be consuming a variety of different viewpoints, so providing them with a few more than your own is a smart way to give them more value from your feed and even potentially create more interactions with them in the form of feedback.

You can still add your own insights. Just because you are sharing someone else’s content, that does not mean that you are not allowed to say anything about it. In fact, submitting a piece along with your own perspective can stimulate healthy dialogue as well as potentially make your followers more likely to read the piece when they see what you have already said about it.

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