Why Small Business Owners Should Take Full Advantage of Site Analytics

by / Tuesday, 13 May 2014 / Published in Technology For Business

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Small business owners are among those who can benefit the most from a strong and informational website, but it’s often the case that they don’t take full advantage of the tools out there for them. One of the most useful of these tools is Google Analytics. With this tool, business owners are able to track the patterns of visitors to their site with the ability to break down the information regarding their traffic into important snapshots of the demographics visiting them.

Location is an important metric for determining if your SEO is correctly tuned. If you are getting a lot of traffic, then that’s great, and potentially, you don’t really care where it comes from as long as it’s there. However, for small business owners, and local business owners in particular, knowing whether or not the visits you are getting come from people with any chance of visiting your location is of the utmost importance.

Conversion tracking is essential, especially if you are running PPC. If you have set up analytics for your site, but have not set up conversion tracking, then you are not yet done! Conversion tracking is incredibly helpful for giving you the visual information you need to determine if your campaigns are creating ROI. Fine tuning your goals, you can include a monetary value for a set type of transaction, or if you are simply capturing leads, you can leave that field out of the picture and simply track the number of conversions your site is getting.

Even if you are tracking locations in the US, language information may be beneficial. With the rise of bilingual entrepreneurship in the US as well as the growth of Spanish as a language group, it might be a good idea for business owners is some industries to put together a Spanish version of their websites in order to process more business (for example, the Spanish version of our website). If you see that you are getting traffic from Spanish language browsers, then it might be a prudent move to accommodate them.

Behavioral insights can tell you if your branding is effective. Tracing the behavior of those moving through your site can give you an idea of what people do once they find you. Depending on your goals, creating returning visitors and fostering engagement may be of greater or lesser importance, but you should still be aware of what people do when they get to your site and whether or not they feel compelled to stick around and return once they leave. Even if you are not concerned with repeat traffic, you can get a glimpse at how people move, or don’t move towards a desired landing page and where they come in and drop out of your website, helpful for sculpting an effective path to the words that convert.

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