Why Small Business Owners Should Stay on Top of their Email Lists

by / Monday, 21 July 2014 / Published in Small Business Marketing

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Direct marketing through email is a strategy that many small businesses employ, since it is cost effective, produces results and is simple to manage, even with only a single person. For these same reasons, however, many business owners will make the mistake of putting their email marketing into a sort of auto-pilot. There are a few reasons why taking a more active interest in email marketing performance and mailing list management

Ensure that you are reaching your subscribers. While it is important to keep an eye on the open rates of your email blasts, it should also be noted that spam and bounce rates are important to monitor as they indicate the percentage of your messages that aren’t making it to their target destinations. Remove no longer active email addresses, and be vigilant against spam reports, since once a message you send is deemed to be spam, the chances of your other messages getting through can  be seriously jeopardized based on how email inboxes are configured to prioritize communications. Should you notice a large number of spam reports, put a hold on outgoing emails and run A/B testing to determine what is causing the issue as soon as you can. There may be a specific phrase that is causing your emails to trigger spam filters.

Do inventory on new subscribers. New subscribers can be reached out to separately from blasts going out to long term subscribers in order to welcome them and thank them for their subscriptions. On-boarding strategies allow businesses to quickly establish a rapport with customers who may have only known about their business for a short time. Keeping an eye on the rate that new subscribers are added to your mailing lists over time is another important metric to manage, as any spikes in subscription rates that can be positively correlated to other marketing programs should be noted and emulated down the road.

Get bounced email addresses replaced. Collect the addresses that you have bouncing from your blasts and then reconcile their emails with your customers other information. Sending out a physical mailer to try and revive interest from customers you have fallen out of contact with can allow you to avoid losing brand recognition and sales.

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