Why Small Business Owners Should Learn more about Using Digital Tags

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Chances are, if you have a small business blog you are already familiar with using tags to classify your posts, some more than others.  Still, you might also have wondered if your were using them effectively and whether or not the tags you chose for your posts are the right ones to pick. Hopefully by the time you finish reading this article, you will have a better idea of how you can use tags in a way that is both effective for your SEO as well as for the readers of your content.

Tags should always relate to the content you are writing about. When you are thinking of tags to put on your posts, first think about the category that the post falls into on your blog. If you categorize the post in the general folder of “marketing”, then you don’t need to include that word as a tag. Instead, think of the specific points that your article addresses that make it relevant to marketing, for example, “content”, “tagging” and “blogging tips”. You should be careful to think about the tags that you use, since once you create a tag for a specific idea, each time down the road that you mention that idea you should try and use the same tag. The result of this will be that when people visit your blog and like what they see, if they are interested in learning more about a specific topic, they can find everything they need by simply clicking on the correct tag.

You should think of tags as a deeper level of organization for your content. While creating a separate category on your blog for each thing you are writing about is excessive, creating a specific tag for each topic is a good idea. In this way, you can index your content effectively, with categories used as a general sorting field and tags being used to break things down to a more specific level. While at times it can feel pretty tedious to tag everything that you put out there, in the end your readers will thank you, and what is good for your readers is good for your website. Business owners engaged in a content marketing strategy should spend the extra time to do this, as not properly indexing your content means that it will not be producing all the value that you want it to.

Tagging is also important in social media. Tags are present on a large number of social media websites, from Twitter in the form of hashtags, to G+ and Instagram. Where tags become important for social media marketing is in allowing people to stumble on your content based off of their interests. A new user on a social network starts out not following anyone. They will often add people they know first, but then go on to search for posters with content that is relevant to their interests by typing keywords into a search bar. If you have been indexing your content properly, it should be able to show up in front of interested users, allowing you to grow out a following more quickly.

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