Why Small Business Owners Should Claim their Local G+ Pages

by / Wednesday, 30 July 2014 / Published in Small Business Advice

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According to internetlivestats.com, Google is searched on average over 40,000 times every second. dwarfing the total search volume of all of its closest competitors combined. Current SEO hinges on making a business and its website as palatable to the search engine as possible. In the case of small businesses, many times the goal of SEO isn’t to appear in the top results for a query globally, but rather, to appear in more targeted local searches that are more likely to be coming from someone who is able to physically come and visit their business or purchase something on an e-commerce part of the website. Directly pertaining to how this local search works is Google Plus and the business pages that can be claimed using its local feature. Thanks to the new, informally named Pigeon update from Google, changes are being made that may make local pages on Google appear more frequently within local search results.

Claim your business’s G+ page to begin filling it with reviews. One of the best ways to increase the performance of your business’s local page is by filling it with customer reviews. G+ reviews are increasing in practical value for small business owners with the rising level of attention being paid to them, and their potential to appear above the fold to those searching for your business means they are already some of the most important to cultivate.

When setting up your profile, be sure to complete it as thoroughly as possible. Adding photos, a strong “about us” write-up and where possible, information about your products is important for getting the most out of your local page, since it is likely that your competitors will take the time to fill out their profiles and it can reflect poorly on your business to have an incomplete profile in comparison to theirs. Having an incomplete profile may also lower your business page’s place in search results and discourage customers from taking the time to leave reviews.

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