Why Small Business Owners Need to Trademark their Logos

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Small business owners work hard to get where they are. Establishing a business is not easy, no matter what there will always be challenges to overcome and market conditions to adapt to. Once a small business is off the ground, a business owner may find themselves realizing that there are a lot of things to do to standardize and trim in their business that they simply didn’t have time to do when they were just starting out. One of the most important things to accomplish at this stage is creating and trademarking a logo. Since ancient times, a trademark has been the calling card of a business. By stamping a product with a personalized logo, craftsmen were able to differentiate their work from their competitors and attract customers based off of the quality of the pieces they produced for their clients. While the marketplaces that businesses compete in have changed since the early days of commerce, the idea of an identifiable brand image has not. In order to keep competitors from profiting off of your hard work and imitating your product, a business owners should take steps to legally protect their brand.

Business owners can find more information on how to create a trademark at the website of the US Patent and Trademark Office, which is the governing body that deals with the creation and registration of branded images. When creating a trademark, business owners should keep a few things in mind. Their symbol should be creative, but not outlandish. Some of the best trademarks out there have a great story behind them that makes people more interested in the product because of the innovative way it is presented. Good trademarks are also simple and easy to remember for customers. If a customer likes your product but can’t remember how to identify it, it is possible that they will accidentally purchase the product of a competitor simply because they cannot recall who they last purchased from.

Your trademark should not be something that you rush to create. It should take some time and thought before you officially adopt it. Once you have a trademark, it is not good business practice to change it often, as the whole point of registering one is to keep your business identifiable to your customers. Take the time to do some market research, and if need be, don’t be timid about consulting with a professional artist who can steer you in the right directions. Your logo will help you in the long run by allowing customers to share and recognize your brand much easier. Make it a good one, and then trademark it in order to protect your business from imitators.

Photo Credit to BusinessSarah on Flickr

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