Why Small Business Owners Need to Think Beyond their Social Islands

by / Friday, 14 November 2014 / Published in Business Lifestyle

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In an article from Fox Business, tips were shared from author T.D. Jakes on how business owners can create a more successful mindset for themselves. One of the tips in particular mentioned that business in the modern day should no longer be considered from a single perspective, instead business owners should strive to think of how to extend the reach of their business past their own social norms and into a truly global arena. Your social island is comprised of the circles that you keep, and if you are unable to move past the social boundaries that you have set for yourself, whether consciously or unconsciously,

How can you grow your perspective past the familiar? Business owners seeking to apply a wider perspective to the development of their businesses have a multitude of options for gaining more information and insight. For one thing, by using free tools such as Google Alerts, small business owners can begin to broaden their base of influences and stay tuned in to developments in and around their industries. The more information that you are able to expose yourself to, the higher the probability becomes that you will be able to discover something that is truly useful to you.

Leaving your social island. Stepping outside the circles that you keep, you can begin to discover different points of view and make connections that can enrich your own point of view. Some ways to meet and interact with other business owners include making an effort to participate in more industry events and community outreach, subscribing to thought leaders on social media such as via LinkedIn’s long form posts, and keeping tabs on developments in business technology that can give you an edge as an early adopter.

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