Why Small Business Owners Need to Loan Attention to their Web Hosting Agreements

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While many small business owners realize that they need to have websites in order to take advantage of the great visibility available to them through the internet, not nearly as many will understand the nuts and bolts that go in to the creation and maintaining of a website. Not understanding coding is one thing, but when it comes to basics such as hosting and whether or not you are the owner of your domain name, being clueless can get you into some deep trouble should things go wrong down the road. In order to make sure that you are firmly behind the wheel of your digital destiny, here are the three things that you need to verify about your small business’s website right now.

Do you own your domain name? Believe it or not, assuming that you own the domain name of your website could be a major mistake if it turns out that you are actually only leasing it. If you are somehow barred from renewing your lease on the digital property, it could be a catastrophic blow to your digital presence. All the SEO and social media promotion you do will not simply transfer to a new domain in the event that you lose the one you currently have. Also, make sure that the domain was purchased in your name, and nobody else’s. Why take the risk of the worst happening when you can remove all doubt by owning your domain name.

Are you in control of your hosting account? As pointed out by Kathy Colaiacovo writing for timeontaskva.comthe dangers of allowing your web developer to manage your domain from their personal hosting account include being locked out of your own website in the event that the worst happens. Like owning your domain name, owning the hosting account that it is on is another essential component of taking charge of your business’s digital identity.

Do you have a CMS installed in your layout? A content management system that allows you to make simple changes to the content of your website yourself is something that you should ask for from your developers. It will save you billable hours in the future if you are able to upload your own copy into your site, and post new articles yourself. CMS stands for content management system and is designed to be usable even by those who are not highly computer literate. It can be a huge boon for business owners interested in taking a more active role in their website’s direction.

Photo Credit to Bob Mical on Flickr

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