Why Small Business Owners Need to Coach their Staff

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The title of this article is seemingly obvious; of course small business owners offer training to their employees, right? Well, according to a recent study by Kurlan & Associates, around 75% of sales people are not able to effectively do their jobs and one of the major reasons is that they don’t get enough training. While in general, recognizing a problem employee is better than allowing a staff related issue to persist, it’s better to simply take the time to hire talent and be thorough the first time around. Outside of the hiring process, however, even a talented and motivated employee needs to be brought up to speed on your company culture, the nuances of their specific position, and the techniques that they should be using to manage the tasks they have.

Coaching can be one on one, or in groups. The point of hands on instruction is to give a finer level of detail and nuance to the way your employees perform their jobs by guiding the processes they already take care of with an extra layer of insight. Alternately, it can be good to touch base with an employee or a team to ensure that they have what they need to perform and feel comfortable meeting goals that have been set for performance and offer them encouragement as well as constructive criticism.

Coaching should not be mistaken with micromanagement. The difference between providing valuable insight and guidance to your team members and micro managing them is simple. Using a coaching technique, you make yourself available to offer guidance, and give insight that your employees can use to do their jobs better, and then you let them perform those jobs. a micromanager will tell their employees exactly how they should do their jobs with no room for their own techniques, and then not give them the space they need to effectively produce, which can actually have negative effects on productivity.

Coaching promotes deeper relationship building on the part of employees.  When employees feel actively engaged. they produce better work and are more committed to their results. Coaching allows them to refocus their goals and be assured that they are on the same page with you, their boss, which in turn will allow them to get more done in a more confident manner. Important to the success of any business, morale, commitment and expertise all must be cultivated, and checking in with your employees can provide the scaffold on which their achievements are able to grow.

Photo Credit to Harris Walker on Flickr

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