Why Small Business Owners Can’t Afford to Ignore their Emotions

by / Friday, 01 August 2014 / Published in Business Lifestyle

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In a great article in the Huffington Post by Carlotta Zimmerman, she expounds on some of the challenges that faced her when starting her own business. The piece is a wonderful read for female entrepreneurs, and really anyone who is involved or interested in running a business for themselves. One point she makes deserves special attention and is applicable for all business owners, regardless of their backgrounds. This point is that when you let your emotions get in the way of your confidence and what you need to accomplish for your professional development, you are defeating yourself. This same idea is represented in the saying “don’t cheat yourself”. Keeping negative emotions in check is an important part of allowing yourself to take risks and be productive.

Emotional health is part of overall well-being. Just as physical health is important for those who are committed to being in the office or in the field everyday, emotional health allows for a clearheaded and even approach to the rigors of the workday. It is important that you not only recognize when you are stressed out, but also what external influences are triggering these feelings. Once you are able to identify the triggers of your stress, you can devise ways to mitigate and combat it.

Know how to separate your emotions from your rational self interest. An emotional attachment to a detrimental aspect of a business can hurt a business’s ability to grow effectively. That’s not to say that emotion has no place within a small business, but when feelings of fear of loss or anxiety is able to deter a business owner from taking important steps towards improving and strengthening their operational efficiency, it not only creates a potentially dangerous bottleneck but is also unfair to employees and business partners working towards the best interests of the business.

Be open to talking about anxieties with a trusted companion. It’s not easy to keep things that bother you bottled up. Something as simple as an open conversation with someone you trust has the potential to help rationalize and put in perspective the issues that hold you back from the next steps of your business’s growth.

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