Why Pictures Can be Worth A Thousand Words in Small Business Digital Marketing

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While written content is of vital importance for SEO purposes, and small business owners engaged in digital marketing should be creating engaging and readable material, a lot of the time a simple picture can say a whole lot about their brand and create a lot of engagement on the right platforms. Social media seems to be increasingly moving towards more visual mediums, with breakout apps like Vine  proving the allure of even a few seconds of looped video to content hungry viewers. Why are visual mediums so interesting to consumers? The answer most likely lies in the fact that video and images are extremely simple to consume, not requiring even the effort of reading a few lines of copy. Video and images are also much more dynamic to look at then text, explaining why a single vine or instagram post has the power to attract many repeat viewings. In fact, a Moz.com article demonstrated through analytics data a marked drop in time on site when they removed a visual component from their landing pages, which, when originally added increased the average time on page by around 150%.

There are many ways to incorporate visual elements into a small business strategy. Depending on the budget your business has to apply towards creating visual components, you may want to consider creating more official looking video promos that you can either host directly on your website or upload to a youtube channel for your business. For those who are looking to make an impact on a tighter budget, uploading photos to a blog or social sharing service such as instagram, twitter, flickr, G+ or facebook, for example, can increase the engagement on your profiles with a negligible or non-existent promotional budget.

You don’t need a ton of equipment to create photos and videos. In fact, given the ever increasing capacity of smart phones and mobile devices to capture high quality video, the means of producing multi-media content are most likely already in the hands of the majority of small business owners in the US. Some things that you can use as subjects for your photos and videos are behind the scenes looks at your processes, especially in food service businesses or retail businesses that have a hand in producing the goods they sell. Employee bios or interviews with artisans are also good subjects. Video and photography allows your customers to engage and get a better sense of who you are as a business, so giving them a more up close and personal look is a strong way to create engagement and promote your services.

Photo Credit to U.S. Army on Flickr

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