Why Internet Speed Matters for Small Business

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Increasingly, the reach of a small business extends far beyond the confines of a town or city thanks to the internet. The ability of a business to be found thanks to websites, social media accounts, reviews and local directories means that they can significantly increase their exposure and the amount of business they are able to do via online channels. Going beyond digital marketing, there are many applications that businesses rely on that are now integrated or completely dependent on the internet, and the speed of a business’s network can either accelerate or throttle the productivity of a team of employees. In the media, Google Fiber and the attempts by up and coming cities across the US to be chosen as participants in the first releases of the service highlight the fact that many business owners are still unsatisfied with the speed and reliability of their internet service. While some of the issues that can cut into a business’s productivity can be solved or mitigated by the presence of an IT staff, if an internet connection is itself slow, there is not much that can be done to counteract that aside from maintaining clean computers and good IT support.

Business over the internet takes many forms, but all require speed. Whether it is closing deals over skype while on the road, or downloading important files, the speed with which internet based tasks are able to be taken care of has a direct effect on a business’s ability to be effective. The ability to take advantage of services that are cloud based, CRM tools and social media are all advantages that confer a high degree of strategic maneuverability to a small business. Businesses in diverse industries all rely on the net to make connections and new sales. From logistics businesses who use mobile technology and tracking software to promote efficiency and safety, to businesses that process online commerce and customer support requests, speed is always of the essence.

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