Why Creating Accurate Job Titles Is Important for Hiring Ad Response

by / Wednesday, 09 July 2014 / Published in Small Business Hiring

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We’ve written a fair amount about the hiring process already on this blog, from what to look for when reviewing resumes to how to write a hiring ad in the first place, but have so far neglected to touch on an interesting part of hiring which is what to call the position for which you have an opening. This may seem insignificant, but in reality it makes a lot of difference in terms of what kinds of resumes you are going to get in response to your posting.

While in most cases defining an open position is clear cut, for specialized roles it can be difficult to think of descriptive terms. When creating a hiring ad for a position that needs to be filled which doesn’t fall into a single specific, well known job title, business owners must think strategically about what to put in their advertisement in order to ensure they get a response from qualified people.

  • For jobs that involve a technical ability that is essential, you may consider adding the desired proficiency into the tagline of the ad to make things clear, as well as attract the attention of candidates adept in the desired skill.
  • Think of the main attributes required for success in the position that needs to be filled, then create a title emphasizing them. It may be that your newly created title needs to be tweaked to get the response that you are looking for.
  • Should you receive a large number of resumes that don’t fit the role you are looking to fill in, then consider killing your ad and revising the heading that you have given it, or running a duplicate ad in order to compare the results they are able to create.

Remember to ask for advice when in doubt. Having a mentor can be tremendously beneficial for small business owners, since they can use their expertise in conjunction with their own drive and resources to create stronger results for themselves. Being able to ask someone with managerial expertise in your area can make it a lot easier to define the terms you will be using in your hiring ads. Small business owners who don’t have mentors or colleagues they feel comfortable with asking for advice can get help from SCORE centers and other business incubators in their areas.

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