Why Bad Credit Businesses Need a Strong Client Onboarding Process

by / Wednesday, 23 July 2014 / Published in Bad Credit Business Loans

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Onboarding is an important component of the client experience, and every small business should spend time optimizing the way in which new customers are introduced to their brand as well as appraised of customer support information. The same way that you make efforts to integrate new employees so that they can make the maximum Making a positive impression as a brand can pay dividends through the length of a relationship, making it easier to interface with clients who trust in the professionalism and experience behind your business.

Create an automated onboarding email. There are a few ways that your business can set up an automatically triggering onboarding email. If you are using a lead form on your website, programming an email welcoming a new customer to your service is a decent idea. Aside from this, you can also create steps that will automatically generate an email in CRM suites, such as SalesForce. An onboarding email should include relevant information for new customers, for example:

  • A brief introduction to the business, it’s purpose and maybe an interesting fact or two.
  • Customer service numbers, product support information, and other support contact info.
  • A follow up call to action, for example to register for a new appointment, claim a discount, or submit a referral

Striking while the iron is still hot gives your business the best chance to control its first impression. While onboarding is important from the standpoint of winning customer loyalty and appreciation, it is also the best time to take control of how customers will perceive your brand. Making sure that you get off on the right foot can be done by including something that makes customers feel appreciated off the bat, for example an exclusive discount or a free branded item. Since your customers will have not had much time to get to know your brand at that point, making a strong move allows for control over the narrative from that point onward by virtue of being proactive.

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