Why a Thank You is a Powerful Loyalty Building Tool for Small Businesses

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A new customer is usually full of enthusiasm for your business, without knowing exactly how our service or product will stack up in general they are ready for the best even if experience tells them to be prepared for the worst. There is something about a new relationship that is still undefined which carries the feeling of limitless possibilities. Smart business owners will realize that during this special time they have the greatest ability to shape the perceptions that their customers have of their brand, and should act accordingly to put their best foot forward during the onboarding process. One simple, yet highly effective way to do this is to remember the way that you would act in any normal exchange; say thank you.

A thank you reminds your customers that you care about them and the success of your relationship. While setting up a thank you package is actually pretty simple, and if you are using crm tools can actually be automatically triggered as a part of your normal operations, that’s not to say that it isn’t effective. A good example of this technique occurs when you sign up for a service with a larger corporation, since you will almost certainly receive a follow up message. Providing a follow up is a an important part of finalizing an exchange, to the point that buying something online and not receiving a follow up can be disconcerting to customers. The better you are able to control the personalization and tone of this opening thank you, the more effective it will be at inspiring confidence from your customers.

Thank you also works well for your most loyal customers. A thank you is definitely in order after you have built a working relationship with a customer that has stood the test of time. After a few rounds of repeat business, a personal note, a piece of branded swag or a nice discount are all great ways of rewarding the best customers you have built your business around. The effectiveness of rewarding these repeat customers hinges on the idea that they have earned a little something extra, and that by demonstrating your appreciation of their value to your business you are able to further strengthen it. For these VIP customers, going the extra mile is certainly worth it, so consider investing more time into personal touches, for example, a hand written note as opposed to a prepackaged one size fits all thank you.

Include the ability to leave a review in your thank you. At the moment of receiving a personalized thank you message it is likely that your customers will be feeling pretty positive about your business, making it one of the best times to provide them with the option of leaving a review. Don’t be pushy, lest you spoil the goodwill you are trying to foster. At the end of your message providing the option of leaving a review and making it as easy as possible will help you to capture the good will created by your outreach in an incredibly useful form. Think of what type of reviews will be the most to your benefit, and then do what you can to funnel customers to those channels.

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