Why a Message can be a Game Changer for Small Business Social Media

by / Friday, 25 July 2014 / Published in Small Business Advice

Important Message

A message in this context refers to a purpose that, while business related, has a higher level of social awareness driving it forward. A big brand example of a super successful campaign is (Red), which boast participation by some of the world’s most well known brands, all helping to raise money for HIV and AIDS research. Not only is the (red) campaign for a good cause, it has become widely popular and associated with a hip message. Whenever a branding technique enjoys global success and recognition, small business owners should sit up and take note of what it is that is driving the success. In this case, it is the positive message and charity aspect itself that in turn makes the products so successful.

Find a good cause for your business to support. Local charities or positive influence organizations are a good place to start, since for local businesses the added value of improving the surrounding community compounds on locals inherent desire to purchase local products. Even something like sponsoring a field trip for a local elementary school can help drive positive recognition of your brand and give people one more reason to make purchases.

Some businesses are branded around their social message. Many small businesses are socially constructive by design, purchasing local ingredients or supplies, organic and free range produce, and use this fact as a central tenet of their branding. Regardless of whether or not a business was originally founded with the intention of being green, it is still possible for the business to integrate a constructive message into its business plan.

Spread the word! Once your business has aligned itself with a good cause, tell your customers about it through social media, in store and through other marketing channels you have established. Tracking mentions through creating a branded hashtag allows you to survey the reception of your campaign in real time. Cross promoting with the charity or cause leaders you have aligned yourself with is another strong idea that can be mutually beneficial.

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