What’s Your Friday Habit?

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Friday is the most popular day of the week, since for many it represents the beginning of the weekend and a much needed break. However, because of Friday’s boisterous reputation, it can be difficult to get things done when your mind has already clocked out. There are probably things that you could be getting done at the end of the week that you don’t get around to because of a loss of focus. In fact, even when you are seemingly busy at the end of the week, it can be incredibly easy to get drawn into working on tangential tasks that are really just time sinks. In order to get more out of the end of the week, business owners may want to consider creating a new habit for themselves that an help them get things done without the need to mentally scramble to figure out what they should be doing, which can help them to keep sight of long and short term goals.

What kinds of things can be your Friday “usual”? Every business is different, but there are a few common threads that unite all of them, such as the need for accounting, payroll and customer service. Making sure that these essential functions are running smoothly is one potential habit that business owners can get into. Getting into the habit of reviewing your business’s bank statements at the end of each week can help you to stay on top of the money going in and coming out, and by breaking your review into weekly segments rather than monthly, it can help to contextualize your spending and earning closer to real time.

Your habits can also include ways to unwind after the work week is over. As a complement to the positive habits you set for yourself regarding productivity, business owners can also create habits for unwinding after the week is done. The idea of creating a habit is to create a mental signal that allows you to more effectively separate the work and relaxation spheres of the day to day.

Being adaptable is important of course, but having some habits in place can help keep you accountable and less distracted. 

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