What’s the Difference between Youtube and Vimeo for SMBs?

by / Tuesday, 06 May 2014 / Published in Small Business Marketing

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Whether you’ve been interested in creating some video for your small business from day one, or you’ve been coaxed into giving video a try, you are going to want to know what the best methods of producing and getting views for your video will be. Currently, most videos that are not hosted directly through a small business’s website are either put onto Youtube or Vimeo. While both services will get the basic job of posting your video on the internet done, small business owners have other factors to consider when choosing between these services, and the one that they settle on will depend on their specific clientele and needs.

Youtube has one major advantage: it’s free. Vimeo charges users to be able to upload more videos than its free version allows, but this is consistent with their image as a premium viewer. Still, the fact that business owners are able to create and manage Youtube channels without up front costs makes it an attractive option for most.

Vimeo is relatively ad free. One issue that can bother certain small business owners when it comes to placing their content on Youtube is that it can be somewhat drowned out or upstaged by paid ads. Vimeo makes it clear on their homepage that the purpose of their service is to put the videos first. If the videos that you have created for your business are high quality and or artistic in nature, it may be worth it to use Vimeo in order to avoid having irritating ads interrupt the viewer experience. If you are paying for Vimeo, then you will be able to avoid all ads.

Youtube was bought by Google. This means that, in terms of SEO, you might be better off sticking with Youtube. Depending on what the primary goal of the video you have created is, you may be more or less concerned with how searchable it is, but knowing that Google has made the effort to purchase Youtube suggests that, for those who value search highly it is a sensible choice.

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