What Small Businesses Should Know About The Drug Free Commercial Trucking Act

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A new bill introduced by Senators Mark Pryor and John Boozman proposes to change the way that commercial truckers are tested for substance abuse problems. The bill proposes the introduction of hair follicle testing to compliment the trucking industry’s current practice of urine testing, which the authors of the bill state is less effective in detecting substance abuse and is more easy to cheat than hair follicle testing, which can detect substance use as far back as 90 days prior to the testing. The bill is supported by the Arkansas Trucking Association, and has bipartisan support, being touted as a common sense solution for reducing liability costs in the trucking industry.

With lower liability costs on shipping, savings can be reflected in the profit margins of logistics firms. Additionally, small business owners, who rely on the US shipping infrastructure for many of their raw materials, wholesale purchases and shipping of products, may benefit from lower costs of shipping passed on from reduced firm overhead. Currently, only urine testing is accepted as fulfilling the mandatory drug testing requirement that trucking firms must fulfill when hiring new employees. If a trucking firm wishes to use hair follicle testing, they are required to cover two rounds of drug testing, taking on  new expenses.

Photo Credit to Epsos.de on Flickr

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