What is the Value of Memes to Small Brand Social Media?

by / Monday, 15 September 2014 / Published in Small Business Marketing

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Small business owners are continuously proving themselves to be strong adapters of social media technology, using the prevalence of social media across almost every market as a springboard to connect more closely with their customers and acquire new ones in the process. One of the most interesting variables of internet marketing is the fact that the internet has its own culture, being composed of a stew of ever growing information and human interaction. One of the phenomena to come out of this is the idea of memes, essentially template images such as the picture with this article, that have a connotated personality trait or pun that is then played on with an overlay of text. While that description makes them sound dry, the reality is anything but, with the customization of memes meaning that pretty much any demographic has the ability to produce their own jokes playing on the highly recognizable personas represented by each meme image.

Memes are part of the culture of the internet, and often can create high levels of response from digital audiences. Memes are not always appropriate for business purposes, so it is important to understand your market segmentation in order to avoid coming off as immature to your customers. Your market may also not have much exposure to memes depending on their generational make-up, so be aware of the fact that memes can go over the head of those who are not previously familiar with them. With all this in mind, given the easy to adapt nature and instant recognition that comes along with a meme, it can create great interaction potential with an audience that is familiar with their use.

Scout to see if your audience is already using memes. Are you interested by the idea of using memes, but are not sure how your target audience will respond? The best way to figure out if they are into memes or not is to take a look and see if they are using memes themselves. If you follow your customers back (and you should)  then you can easily get a sense of their tastes through the activity that appears on their feeds. Another way to get a sense of the appropriateness of meme usage without directly looking to see if they are already in use is to look at the average age range of your market. If you are serving a millennial market predominantly, then you can most likely bet safely that they will at least recognize memes even if they don’t use them themselves.

Memes are easy, lighthearted and a good way to engage with your customers. While memes might not be for those times that require a stiff upper lip, when a business is looking for a fast and easy way to have some fun with their social media following, they can be the perfect idea to turn to.

Photo Credit to Filip Pticek on Flickr

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