What is Guerrilla Marketing and How Can your Small Business Use It?

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Guerrilla tactics are those used by a smaller or otherwise disadvantaged force to overtake and overcome a superior one. When applied to the practice of marketing, guerrilla tactics usually means a smaller firm, but sometimes a corporation or larger business using a lower cost but original or otherwise fresh technique to create disproportionate buzz for the total dollars spent. Due to its low cost nature, guerrilla marketing can be put to work for almost any business, and in fact, small businesses have some serious advantages when engaging in creative marketing techniques because of their small size and less stratified leadership.

Identify a goal that can be reached with the help of guerrilla techniques. Small business owners don’t have to be promoting a specific sale or product when engaging in guerrilla marketing, but in order to focus their efforts and try and quantify their results, they can create some goals that they want their guerrilla campaigns to hit, such as shares or traffic to a page on your site. You might be doing a guerrilla campaign in order to appear more prominently in local news and search results, so making a goal to get mentioned in a local paper might be a good idea.

Think of something unexpected that your customers will appreciate. Some of the best guerrilla marketing ads are found in places where your consumers wouldn’t normally expect them. The surprise factor of seeing a clever ad somewhere it would not normally be can get even the most cynical consumers to pay attention to your message. Try using social media tools that are not yet overrun with marketers, such as Snapchat, or place your ad in a location that does not normally have any ads, such as on a ceiling or in a clever outdoor location. Interactivity is also a great quality for guerrilla marketing, so using mobile tech such as a tablet in a creative way can get you noticed with the opportunity for capturing consumer data through their interactions with your ad.

Make it eye catching . People love picturesand by extension love video as well. Some of the best guerrilla marketing puts a provocative image or concept right in front of a consumer when they are not expecting it, leading to a deeper and more memorable impression. Videos and still images can be great for this, but even more ambitious business owners can create performance art or other temporary goings on which can then be shared through video and stills both by your own team and anyone who experiences the marketing event.

Photo to Daniel X O’Niel on Flickr

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