What is Clan Culture in Regards to Small Business?

by / Wednesday, 30 July 2014 / Published in Business Lifestyle

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In a recent press release issued by ICIMS, over 400 job seekers were surveyed in order to define what it is that they were seeking to find in an employer. One of their findings was that a company’s culture can play a major role in attracting strong, qualified job applicants, an element that goes beyond how strong a hiring ad is. In addition, once they have attracted this talent, they can keep adding to their businesses through referrals, which according to ICIMS research makes up an impressive 34% of all hires. Based on this information, a corporate culture that can attract employees with the ability to positively contribute can wind up paying dividends as a business grows, helping to sustain the positive environment as well as the ability to produce of those involved as time goes on.

A “clan culture” was the most desirable corporate culture listed in the survey response. So what exactly is a clan culture? It refers to a corporate culture wherein there is a close knit and collaborative atmosphere, centralized by a strong but flexible and involved leadership. By contrast, the least popular option was a hierarchy culture, which refers to a culture wherein employees are stratified by a strict order and there is less room for back and forth between departments and echelons of management.

How can your business strengthen company culture? Company culture will exist in any work environment by default. It is up to the owners and managers of the business to ensure that it is nurtured towards the end of making it the best that it can be. Team building exercises have the potential to positively influence company culture by re-enforcing bonds between team members, translating to an enhanced ability to work together in the office. In addition, the fun that your team has getting closer during bonding exercises can be used in your marketing and written about in your company blog, improving your business’s image from the outside looking in.

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