Van Haven: Mobile Small Businesses Offer Some Interesting Benefits

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In today’s busy world, winning a larger share of your market can come down to one simple factor: are you more or less convenient than your competition? One way to ensure that you can serve your customers in a way that works for them is by taking your business model on the road. Increasingly, businesses have been going fully mobile, ditching a brick and mortar location in favor of a van from which they can run their operations. While this may seem like a drastic step, in reality, there are some serious benefits that are associated with going mobile.

For one thing, it turns your location into a mobile advertisement. By having a mobile workstation, you are able to advertise your small business all over the neighborhood, literally, as you will be driving around from place to place in the course of your day. Taking steps to customize the appearance of your vehicle can turn your mobile business station into a local legend; the more outlandish and memorable you make your van, the more it will increase your word of mouth buzz. This aspect of running a van based business is often undersold, it has the potential to get you much more noticed. In conjunction with a website mobile advertising can create a  lot of leads.

It can dramatically cut your costs. Reduced costs of operating include savings on your rent, as well as electricity and climate control. The cost of gas will become one of your only expenses, as well as the cost of parking, depending on where you will be going. For a business model with only a few employees, getting rid of office space requirements can help keep profit margins high.

It expands the market that you can serve. By going mobile ad taking your business to where your customers are, you can dramatically increase the number of clients that you can serve. A brick and mortar store is limited to only the customers that come through your door, and those that purchase from any e-commerce site you may have. In contrast, a mobile, van based business, can come directly to where consumers are most dense. This has benefits in particular for food trucks, as you can go from lunch hour in a business district to after school in another district and then dinner rush by a university, hitting three peak serving hours in one day.

The types of businesses that can benefit from a mobile model are ones that offer personalized services or services that require visiting a home or private location. Food trucks, as already mentioned, can benefit from mobility, and other models, once adapted to a mobile style of business, can exploit their niche in order to reach more customers. The costs of converting a business to mobile may seem prohibitive without some form of small business financing, however, almost any type of business is able to gain capital through alternatives to bad credit business loans from Horizon Business Funding. Once conversion is made, lowered upkeep costs can help businesses make more while spending less.

Photo Credit to Michael McCullough on Flickr

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