Use Your Holiday Conversion Data to Tune-up your Landing Pages

by / Tuesday, 02 December 2014 / Published in Small Business Marketing

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The holidays are a time when business tends to pick up, with some small businesses making large percentages of their yearly sales in the months leading up to the New Year. Because of the higher concentration of sales being made as well as the heightened traffic web pages experience, the holiday season represents a great time for business owners to gather and analyze data on the effectiveness of their landing pages. Whether it is figuring out which pages convert the most, or A/B testing to fine tune the appearance and functionality of their e-commerce pages, taking advantage of this busy time to improve processes is in the best interest of business owners who are serious about having the best sites possible.

Get acquainted with Google Analytics. Setting up Google Analytics can help your business with a great amount of insight on traffic patterns and the rate of conversions that your business can expect. Conversion tracking can tell you not only how many sales you’ve made, but also what your customers did to get to the point of purchasing something. Use this tool to identify the most common routes your customers take to conversion so that you can further streamline these paths and use the insights you gather to make others stronger as well.

Keep tabs on mobile browsers. Another valuable insight that you can gain from analytics is how many mobile users you are getting visiting your website. With both the volume and the commercial value of mobile traffic continuing to grow in importance, small business owners should use the information that they gather this holiday season to feel out the performance of their mobile marketing efforts. Tracking mobile conversions in relation to conversions via regular traffic can  tell you whether or not conversion paths are straightforward on your mobile layout, or if they need to be further tweaked to create performance.

Identify high bounce pages. On the flip-side from your strongest pages, you may notice a few pages that have higher rates of exiting without conversions. These pages are important since they can be essentially considered “leaks” in an otherwise tightly structured sales funnel. Find out why traffic is exiting there, and then run tests to improve either the conversion rate of the page in question, or the percentage of visitors who continue to other landing pages.

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