Trucking Groups Loan Support to Sleep Apnea Testing

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Small business owners and employees in the commercial trucking business have show support for a proposed bill to create a report on industry cost analysis for sleep apnea testing, as well as official regulations for the testing as opposed to guidance. Commercial trucking financing the tests is a concern, but more importantly, the issue of driver safety is at the heart of the proposed legislation. With driver fatigue representing one of the most covered issues around the trucking industry of late, more and more regulations have gone in to preventing fatal accidents blamed on excessive hours and fatigue.

The reason why trucking groups have called for formal regulation rather than simple guidelines is because of a mistrust of not adequately defined rules. If trucking companies would fail to comply with the guidelines and then an accident occurred, they could be sued for non-compliance. The possibility that non-compliance could result as an accident due to misunderstanding would be much higher without a formally defined procedure surrounding the testing of drivers for sleep apnea.  Another part of the reason commercial trucking is wary of new guidelines instead of regulations is that a regulation would have to take into account the annual costs of additional testing, reported by trucking groups at over $1 billion for screening, diagnosis and treatment.

Photo Credit to Rachel Tayse on Flickr

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