Travel Business News: What Destinations Should you Market for 2014?

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Small business owners in the travel industry have a lot to look forward to once the weather turns up!  While their best sellers will surely continue to draw attention, in 2014 some interesting new destinations are starting to be more talked about as the collective mind begins to stray towards Summer planning. Here they are, as well as the reasons why this vacation season they will make attractive options, both for travel business owners and their clients.

Brazil: Since the World Cup is going to be hosted there this year, extra attention Is being focused on the tropical nation. Already a hot destination, this year the extra excitement loaned by the globally anticipated sporting event should make the beautiful beaches and beautiful people of Brazil an even more attractive enticement to get away.

Cape Town: In the wake of the passing of internationally recognized visionary Nelson Mandela, South Africa has been brought to the forefront in the minds of the American public. Recognized this year as a design capital, the city is known for being a laid back, funky destination for those who want to visit a great city slightly off the beaten path.

Austin, Texas: Within the US, Austin is quickly gaining a reputation as a southern capital of cool, and for this reason travel agencies looking to book some domestic vacations for their clients should consider the city as an up and coming destination. Highlights include classic south-western cuisine and a flourishing music scene.

While these three suggestions by no means make up a comprehensive list of travel options, they are poised to be up and coming spots during the year ahead and can give travel businesses a jumping off point for exploring some new options to offer their clients.

Photo Credit to geoff welsh on Flickr


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