Tips on Trimming a Social Media Following

by / Wednesday, 24 September 2014 / Published in Technology For Business

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A social media following is a highly organic thing, and who you are following in return can make a lot of difference in regards to your experience interacting with it as well as in relation to the insights that you are able to gather from looking at your feeds. When it comes to optimizing your social experience as a business owner, a good rule of thumb is that you should be generous with who you follow, but quick to prune out poor quality or irrelevant accounts. The name of the game is definitely quality over quantity when it comes to social media, unless your goal is to simply aggregate tons of views for the content that you are putting out. Views alone that don’t correlate with other engagement activity have very limited value for business owners, so it’s better to create a smaller following of highly engaged followers and follow valuable influencers than it is to aggregate a huge cross section of social users with little ability to target within them or turn their views into action.

Treat your social accounts like a bonzai tree. It must be pruned to grow the way you want it to. By using tools like Social Bro, Hootsuite and Tweetdeck, you can analyze your followers and who you are following to create a sense of the way they they use social and interact with your brand. In addition, deeper metrics allow business owners to evaluate individual accounts on the level of their influence, interactivity and frequency of use on social channels, meaning that there is no guesswork related to figuring out the value of a follow for your brand. When you notice that an account you are following no longer is active, then you can unfollow. You can also fetermine how well your strategy is working when it comes to gaining engaged followers, helpful for gauging milestones and choosing when to test drive social promotions.

Unlike a bonzai, you don’t have to keep your social following or who you follow small, but you should strive to keep it high quality. The power of a feed that contains only the messages of top influencers in your field and the most engaged customers of your business is that it gives you a great perspective of your business’s social sphere at a glance instead of forcing you to shuffle through irrelevant content. Keep your social accounts well pruned, and the growth that you see will be more valuable than gaining irrelevant followers for the sake of the numbers game.

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