Tips on Saving Time Through Better Gmail Management

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Many small business owners, even those with well developed social media and web presences, will have disorganized email accounts. The reasons for way too much mail in an inbox can vary, but one common reason for business owners being constantly bombarded is that they have used the same email address through multiple stages of their business’s growth. This leads to many automatically triggering emails, since a common staple of B2B marketing is direct email. In addition, invoices, automatically renewing services and social media accounts may all be depositing into the same email account. In order to find what you need to find, there are some tools that you can use in order to make yourself more organizationally efficient if you have been using Gmail to process important communications for your small business.

Break up your mail into categories. 

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If you are using a single master account to control multiple aspects of business development, a smart idea is breaking your inbox into categories. By identifying where your contacts fall into categories that are unique to your business, you can make it a lot more simple to track down important correspondences as well as check up on separate aspects of business development without needing to search within your inbox. If your single mail account has leads coming into it along with a mix of other business related emails, segmenting it can be even more important in order to guarantee the fastest possible turnaround time from your sales team.

Identify and favor priority level communications. 

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Gmail has multiple options for denoting priority within a single inbox. Marking yellow tabs next to priority communications will make them easier to find. If priority communications from certain contacts need to be read as soon as possible, then business owners have the option of setting up their inbox into tiers, showing new priority mail above the fold- helpful for sorting through a large amount of automated emails. Starring an email is a way of creating a placeholder that won’t effect the priority of your messages in the inbox. This tool can be helpful for tasks such as reviewing resumes, where you may want to mark something to revisit later without changing the priority it gets in the inbox.

Opt out of irrelevant services. Some services that your business may have tried out in the past or used to a point that they became unnecessary may still be sending large amounts of emails to your company. All of these communications are required to have opt out methods posted in their emails to you. Taking the fifteen minutes it takes to unsubscribe from recurring mail that has turned into a distraction can potentially do wonders for the clutter levels in your email, further cutting down the time required to organize your business communications each day.

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