Tips on Managing Family and Business Commitments this Thanksgiving

by / Tuesday, 11 November 2014 / Published in Business Lifestyle

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The Thanksgiving holiday comes in the midst of one of the busiest times to be a business owner. The rush of planning that takes place going into the holiday season is one that can seriously drain the time resources that would otherwise be dedicated to family time. Fortunately, small business owners can manage their family and business commitments if they plan strategically.

Take travel time into account if you are visiting family. The time that it takes you to go to and from your final Thanksgiving destination is important to factor in to your planning. You may be tempted to project an optimistic number when allowing for time spent traveling, but be aware that you may encounter holiday traffic depending on your area and the weather. It’s better to allow yourself a bit of cushion rather than lose your cool while trapped in a traffic jam because you will miss a meeting you scheduled too close to the holiday. If you must be productive while traveling, consider taking the train instead of your family car, since you are able to use wifi and plug in your devices on many modern trains, and you can dedicate the travel time to working without the need for a driver.

Be in contact with your business partners and suppliers before the holiday. Touch base with the significant people related to your business operations. Instead of speculating as to their plans and potentially worrying where they stand on projects, make the time in the weeks leading up to the holiday to reach out and dispel your doubt as to their activity. Confirming plans with your employees is another important step to take, since being surprised by suddenly finding yourself short-staffed is nobody’s idea of a relaxing holiday.

Commit to unplugging during the big day. Thanksgiving is one of those rare days when more or less every American is either spending time with their loved ones or wishing that they could. If you are planning on being at a gathering on Thanksgiving, don’t be the person who is constantly checking their devices. you should commit to shutting off and tuning in for at least the duration of the time that you will be at dinner.

Remember to be grateful for what you have. The psychological exercise of taking stock of the good in your life and being grateful for it is a powerful way of putting your efforts into perspective. It can often happen that business owners will be so involved in their day to day struggles that they lose sight of the long term progress that they have made. If you do one thing this Thanksgiving, make sure that is is taking time to give thanks.


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