Tips for Small Business Corporate Gift Giving

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As the holidays draw near, it is time to think about corporate gifting. A survey conducted by Incentive , a trade magazine, showed that this year, a little over 75% of companies reported that they plan to include corporate and business gift giving as part of their incentives program. This percentage is up from last year’s results showing the number at less than two thirds. Incentive’s executive editor, Leo Jakobson, credits this increase in gifting to businesses generally feeling more secure now that the economy is improving.

Corporate gifts will demonstrate your appreciation of your business partners and key clients, and strengthen your business relationships. A good client gift is meaningful, appropriate and professional. While it can be fun to incorporate ribald humor into gifts that you give your family members and close friends, it is important to assess the level of what is appropriate to your business contacts. In general, it is better to get a tasteful gift rather than a comedic one for your business associates.

Here are a few things to think about when you prepare for corporate gifting:

  • Food baskets are always a popular gift. There are a multitude of beautifully designed corporate gift baskets that include a variety of special holiday food and drinks. In the case that you have to purchase a gift for a representative that you have worked closely with, or thank a business partner whom you have gotten to know, a gift basket allows you to provide a professional gift that can incorporate what you know about their tastes into a particularly meaningful and well presented gift.
  • Flowers and Plants sent as gifts can be used to decorate offices. While enhancing the appearance of your clients’ workplace, they will serve as a positive reminder of your business. Buying plants as gifts is a good strategy for thanking a team, as an office plant contributes to a positive environment in the office and is something that everyone can enjoy, unlike a finite amount of comestibles.
  • Festive gift wrapping will draw attention to your present. Especially during the holiday season, many companies will wrap and ship gifts directly so that you can spend your limited time working on more important projects. There are many services that exist that can be used to schedule the delivery of exquisitely wrapped gifts directly to the office locations of your preferred clients and business partners.
  • Personalization shows that you have put thought into your gift. For important clients, you may want to include a handwritten note to personalize the gift.  This will  serve to show your client that you feel his or her business is special. Monogrammed gifts are another way that you can leave an outsize impression on contacts that you place a very high value on impressing.

Photo Credit to Jolene Van Laar on Flickr.

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