Tips for Protecting your Small Business Email List’s Deliverability

by / Friday, 19 September 2014 / Published in Small Business Marketing

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A small business’s email list is a valuable tool, and like other tools that a business uses, such as computers or machinery, it needs to maintained in order to keep it at peak effectiveness. Not only is it important to maintain your open rate and keep content fresh and interesting, it’s also essential that business owners manage who is on their lists and test for spam filter compatibility to protect the deliverability of their emails. The danger of a healthy mailing list being crippled by poor ability to deliver messages is present if maintenance is neglected, lowering the value of the customer information that it took time and effort to gather.

Prune your contacts like you would prune a tree in order to keep your list growing healthily. As an email list grows, it is likely that some of your contacts will become inactive or lose interest in your service. What often happens when a person is no longer interested in receiving email marketing is that they will simply hit the spam marker and banish it to their spam boxes rather than go through the steps to request being taken off the list. Combat this tendency firstly by making it so that an unsubscribe link is prominent, allowing anyone who doesn’t want to get your emails to take themselves off the list as soon as they feel that way. While it might seem counter-intuitive to make it easier to let people opt out of your marketing, the reality is that by doing so you are protecting the quality and deliverability of your list by protecting it from being labeled as spam. Manually deleting inactive contacts is another way to keep your business email list from reflecting distorted conversion statistics and deliver rates, as well as preventing people from becoming fed up and designating your marketing as spam. Perform mailing list upkeep as often as you feel is necessary given the number of contacts, the rate at which you gain new subscribers and the length of time your contacts have remained inactive.

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