Tips for Getting Greater Value from Millennial Small Business Employees

by / Monday, 20 October 2014 / Published in Small Business Hiring

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Millennials are the newest generation entering the workforce, and thanks to their unique perspectives on everything from social issues to technology, they represent a potentially powerful force for managers to harness towards greater business productivity. While some ideas that millennials have, such as what is more important, business or the time they spend on themselves, have managers wary, by re-framing the relationship between millennial employees and their work, business owners can ensure that they get the most out of their employees in terms of productivity and the high energy that young staff members bring to a team.

Ask them what more they could be doing. Millennials are just beginning their careers, and are generally eager to please as well as learn new skills and take on challenges. Leaving a millennial employee in the corner with a stack of papers is a surefire way to have them become disengaged, but by contrast, giving them a clear directive with instructions then making space for them to execute their assignment allows them to exercise independence while working towards a defined objective. Beyond this, millennials are eager to utilize skills that you may not know they have. Growing up around technology means that they are usually quire adept at data management, social media and the use of basic office programs, among other things. Ask your millennial employees they could be doing and what tools they need to do it, and you might be surprised what they offer.

Show an interest in their suggestions relating to technology. Even if your millennial employees are just being trained to join your staff, that doesn’t mean they don’t have great ideas pertaining to how your operations can be streamlined and modernized. Many hires will be coming into the workplace with a string of internships under their belts, and therefore may have seen and worked with data management tools, CRM programs or communication technology that could work for your own business. The familiarity with social media from a young age means that you might also want to ask them if they can think of any networks that your business might profit from joining, one popular example being Instagram, which is gaining attention from marketers for brands both large and small.

Allow them to create collaborative benchmarks for performance. The idea of coming in to an office and parking in front of a screen simply because that’s what the routine is doesn’t resonate with many younger members of the workforce, who are looking to feel that their time is being spent in a way that is defined towards a goal. In order to get the best performance out of your employees, you may wish to set goals that are measured by results, and then ease up on your expectations in terms of hours spent at a desk. If you are able to create a rapport where your goals are being hit and then add incentive for them to be exceeded, you should be able to be more flexible with hours while obtaining comparable results and increasing your employee’s loyalty.

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