Tips for Effective Human Resources in A Bad Credit Business Environment

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Bad credit on the part of a small business owner makes many aspects of a running a business more difficult, including hiring and employee management. Human resources functions within a growing business are often handled directly by the owner of the business, with no room for a managerial department dedicated to HR without financing on top of strong cash flows. Without a separate entity handling human resources concerns, it falls to the owner of the business to ensure that employees are contributing on the level that they should be. Here are a few ways that bad credit businesses can stay on top of their HR, even if they don’t have the benefit of a centralized HR department.

Ensure that there are strong protocols in place for communication. The communication quality within an organization that has no HR department needs to be carefully protected and preserved. Ideally, a forum for open communications within the business should exist as well as other communication channels that can be used depending on the immediacy of the need at hand. For example, a service like Basecamp can keep collaborators on multiple projects in the loop, with email for one on one communications and a chat client to ping for instantaneous requests. When needed, business owners can get a message across quickly by accessing all communication channels, or post directives in their public forum and answer specific questions through email or chat.

Get direct feedback from employees. While a bad credit business infrastructure may be lacking in centralized HR, business owners can counteract this by going directly to their employees and managers for feedback that can guide policy. Using voting systems to collect employee ballots such as surveymonkey allows for a single entity to effectively collect opinions from an entire organization. This method can be helpful for gaining insight for choosing employee perks and guiding protocols such as the frequency of meetings. The more that employees are empowered within a small business, the more loyalty can be inspired within them and the more useful they will be serving as brand advocates and strategic thinkers.

Review what policies create results and eliminate those that don’t. Business owners in growing organizations should pay close attention to the effect that their policies have on their employees ability to produce as well as their morale. Gauging whether or not a policy has the intended result should determine whether or not it stays a rule or is reduced to guideline. One issue that can arise with excessive HR decrees is that employees become stifled by what is essentially meaningless protocol and can no longer innovate. Provided that there is a sense of accountability among employees, keeping their ability to critically think and adapt unimpeded makes a lot of difference regarding their overall output and production quality. Be sure that goals are well understood and accessible (public forum), while you or a manger is able to quickly provide clarification should it be needed.

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