The Value of Giving back as a Small Business Owner

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Many will point out that altruism is it’s own reward, and that is certainly true. The value one gets out of helping another person is truly the unique and special feeling that it brings. That being said, there are plenty of other good reasons why a small business should consider ways of giving back to their communities, not all of them solely based on the positive moral quality of those who help others. These benefits include positive PR, networking and . There are as many ways of making a positive community impact as there are businesses, so finding a way to participate that you are comfortable with can be done with just a little thought and a few helpful suggestions.

Do you run an artisanal business? If this is the case, consider holding a weekend craft demonstration. Inviting a group to check out your creative processes is a wonderful way to give back, especially to younger generations in order to inspire the next skilled craftsmen who will take up your trade. Contact schools or community centers in order to set up a demonstration event. If done right, it should have very little cost and provide great exposure for your business in the community at large.

Maybe you run a retail company? Chances are you have items that, no matter what you have done with them seem like they will never be liquidated. Why not consider giving that overstock to charity? This will clear room on your shelves for more successful products, and boost your reputation in the community. A good way to give back more is to reach out to other small businesses and organize either a matching gift program or simply see if they are willing to participate with their own unique contributions.

Perhaps you’re in logistics? There are many instances of trucking companies hosting “drive ins” to support a cause, but if that level of outreach and organization you find you have no time for, then perhaps it’s easier for you to take a more passive role in promotion of a good cause. Even putting a banner on the vehicles in your fleet promoting your charity of choice is a great and positive way to give back to your community, and it will show those around you that you are dedicated to getting the word out about something bigger than yourself.

There are plenty of ways any business can rally a community. Corporate runs, family picnics, charity drives and fundraisers and awareness campaigns are all excellent for both promoting a business and improving the area you are in. Think of your business model, the time you are able to commit, and what you are willing to donate and chances are you will figure out a wonderful way to make your business more socially accountable.

Photo Credit to Digitas Photos on Flickr

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