The Utility of Pinterest for Small Business Owners Just Grew

by / Wednesday, 13 August 2014 / Published in Technology For Business

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Pinterest can be a great tool for small business owners, combining an image centered platform that makes it easy to show off great shots of products and processes while encouraging user engagement and the sharing that makes social media so dynamic. Add that to the fact that Pinterest became the third most popular digital sharing channel in 2013, beating out email, and the fact that it’s overwhelmingly female user base often uses the site to look at products they are interested in purchasing, and many small businesses will start to recognize something that has major potential for them. Now, Pinterest has announced a new feature that it hopes will allow small business owners and other creative types the chance to collaborate more effectively.

New messenger functions allow for direct exchange and commenting on pins. In a blog post which includes a video tutorial, Pinterest introduced their expanded messenger functions, which they state will “help people plan projects, swap creative ideas and share their best discoveries.” This is good news for small business owners whose models are product based, as well as for those who provide services, as pins with concise descriptions of a service offered can be sent directly to a business owners inbox for ordering, further clarification and customization.

The aesthetic focus of Pinterest makes it a great tool for creating designs, such as product or packaging. Aside from networking and brand building on Pinterest, business owners can easily gather many different images into one place in order to gain inspiration for their design projects. Creative and eye catching design can go a long way for a brand, so business owners would do well ton remember this potential tool.

Photo Credit to mkhmarketing on Flickr


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