The Small Business End of Summer Bucket List

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While the Summer is still not over, it’s August and it’s time to start thinking about what is going to come next for your small business. Did you achieve the goals you set for yourself this season?  Whether or not it was your busy season or your off season and whether or not you hit the goals that you had projected for yourself or were forced to reevaluate your strategies, as a business owner you have to keep moving forward either way. Still, before the official end of the season, there are a few things that every business owner should check off their seasonal bucket list in preparation for a strong end to the year.

Take a vacation. Whether you go abroad for a week or go on a two day micro-vacation, giving yourself some time off to recharge before the end of the season is a wise move. While missing the chance to be productive can bother many business owners, the benefits of regrouping and gathering focus for when you return to work can greatly outweigh the time spent off duty. In addition, spending time in a different setting can help business owners clear their heads, allowing them to attack persistent problems from different angles upon their return.

Review the books. Take the time to go over all the money that is coming in and out of your business. The transition between seasons can become distracting as business owners scramble to plan promotions, work with suppliers, and engage in seasonal marketing projects. Before the seasons really change, making sure that everything is as is should be in terms of your accounting, as well as identifying areas where there is some room for improvement or to reduce wasteful expenditure will help free up more time to manage the transition between seasons as it happens.

Reaffirm your connections. Who are your most important business associates? Take the time to reach out to them, whether it is a phone or skype call or a lunch and a face to face discussion. Keeping the bonds between you and your business partners strong will allow your business to act much more efficiently. The opposite effect can occur should you stay out of contact for too long. Habits can become established that have a far reaching impact on turnaround between your offices, so investing some time into reaffirming your business connections is a strong move in the long run.

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