The Importance of Educating Small Business Customers

by / Friday, 12 September 2014 / Published in Small Business Marketing

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To educate someone is to pass on knowledge that they can own and apply for their own purposes. In the context of a business, educating customers means providing them with insight peculiar to your own experience, as well as informing them of ways that they can use your products. The more that your customers are able to learn from you, the further you provide them with value and can effectively win their loyalty. Appearing as an expert in your field can create a large amount of value over time, allowing you to leverage the value of your perspective in many ways.

Uses of your products. While your customers already have uses for your products and services, they may not know about everything that you can provide for them unless you take the time to educate them on the full range of offerings within you business and their various applied uses. White papers are a common way for businesses to provide information on their products to clients and worth creating in order to have something tangible to pass on to interested parties, however depending on what it is that you are selling you may also want to reach out to your customers for creative uses and then compile them for others to experiment with as well.

Industry news. Once you are viewed as an expert in your field, your opinion takes on its own value and will be sought on a wider variety of topics. One way to consistently demonstrate expertise as well as satisfy your customer’s cravings for insight is by giving updates on what is happening in your industry and reporting your own spin on things. Many people are interested not only in news, but also in hearing the ways that said news effects people in the industries involved. It’s a good way to put an extra hook into reporting on developments that might already have been circulated around the internet.

Content that they would find interesting. Content writing and thinking of ways to offer more of your own perspective to your customers can be a major challenge if you take it entirely onto your own shoulders. That’s why the dual techniques of content recycling and content curation can be major time savers as well as effective ways for business owners to add some variety into their feeds.


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