When your business’s website isn’t creating engagement, it can be a major problem. The more bounced traffic you get, the more it signals to search engines that your content isn’t what your visitors were looking for, which can push it down in search results. Apart from that, if you can’t get visitors to stick around on your website, that doesn’t bode well for your ability to create conversions and spread the message of your business through your copy. Building increased engagement with your website may be something that you want to do in an expedited manner, for example, if you notice that you are quickly losing ground to a competitor in a search results page and want to buff your time on site metric. Design work can quickly add up, depending on the scope of the project that you are interested in pursuing and the time frame that you need things done by, so at times it can be helpful to have a readily available

Small business owners are faced with tough competition for attention on the internet. While they can make things easier for themselves in terms of SEO by embracing local and long tail keywords, content and the ability to get visitors to engage with that content is an  increasingly important part of SEO, and without an inviting visual hook, it becomes less likely that your site will be able to generate enough attention and time spent on your pages to improve its rank. Video is a very strong option for increasing your time on site metrics. Video is one tool that can be very helpful in cutting down your bounce rates as well as improving the amount of time spent on your website on average. Getting ready to shoot a video takes time in order to create a concept that is backed by market research, as well as write a script, hire actors and a production company to tie everything together into a finished product. This can be outside

This infographic took all of 15 minutes to create, and while it is simple and unpolished, the point is to demonstrate that you can create something of your own with a minimal time investment, or spend a bit longer to make it look even higher quality. Additional Tips: When dropping background shapes in step 2, right click on the shapes and click “send to back” in order to allow your text to appear in front of the shape. You can change both the width and height of your slide in order to fit more information onto it. There are many additional effects that you can add onto shapes beyond simply changing their size and color, for example, the glow around the lightning bolts in the above infographic. You can use preset textures and gradients when choosing a background in step 4, or you can create your own background using photoshop or Ms paint and upload it. Be aware that if you go this route,you should

    Images are an incredibly important part of a digital store. Aside from the copy of your website, which is also highly important, it is the main descriptor that potential customers will use to decide whether or not they want to buy a product. Thinking of ways to improve the engagement level of this content can lead to a much higher volume of sales, so it is highly worthwhile for business owners to create a strategy that highlights their products in a way that brings their clients a more descriptive and enjoyable look at their form and function. In fact, according to a blog post from Kissmetrics, a product video can actually make a customer up to 144% more likely to make a purchase. Mathematically, that represents huge potential gains in revenue for business owners who take the time to optimize their content. Product videos are a useful tool for demonstrating elements of a product that photos alone could not. One way to increase the

    While creating content, one naturally has to deal with stock images. This can actually be pretty entertaining since there are stock images out there that hit every aspect of human (an non-human) behavior. Looking at random stock images is actually so entertaining that it has become something of an internet sensation, with blog profiles dedicated to finding the strangest and showcasing them for laughs. That said, unless your business is in the market for comedy, picking a silly or outright bizarre image to represent your business is not really in your best interest. On a more practical level, picking images can be made tougher purely from a design standpoint if you are going to be using them where they must blend in with a color scheme or serve as a background for text. While there are a few questions raised when trying to choose a representative image, the benefit of including visual elements in your content is well worth the time and thought.

Even though you are a busy small business owner who might not buy all the hype surrounding social media, you’ve finally caved to pressure and carved out the time in your schedule to put up an instagram account for your business, only to realize after the fact that you don’t really know how to go about using it. It’s important to realize that the way the vast majority of instagram users go about utilizing it is intrinsically different from how a business should approach the tool. In the sea of selfies and pictures of random locations, your business has a focused mission, which is to promote your products, location or services. It’s important to convey a personality that goes with your business message. One thing to be aware of when using instagram is that at this point, the service is highly saturated with beautiful pictures. To stand out, you are going to require something which is a lot more rare to encounter; a real sense of

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