The Thanksgiving holiday comes in the midst of one of the busiest times to be a business owner. The rush of planning that takes place going into the holiday season is one that can seriously drain the time resources that would otherwise be dedicated to family time. Fortunately, small business owners can manage their family and business commitments if they plan strategically. Take travel time into account if you are visiting family. The time that it takes you to go to and from your final Thanksgiving destination is important to factor in to your planning. You may be tempted to project an optimistic number when allowing for time spent traveling, but be aware that you may encounter holiday traffic depending on your area and the weather. It’s better to allow yourself a bit of cushion rather than lose your cool while trapped in a traffic jam because you will miss a meeting you scheduled too close to the holiday. If you must be productive while

  The prospect of a business trip can often be exciting, especially for business owners who don’t usually travel often. That said, there are plenty of potential headaches that can occur if a trip isn’t planned effectively. By doing what they can to prepare ahead of time, business owners can ensure that they minimize potential pitfalls and maximize their enjoyment of the travel experience. Pack for the days you are staying, plus one or two. While traveling light is a good thing, traveling too lightly is not. It is always a good idea to bring one extra outfit with you to be prepared in case one of your other outfits gets a stain or you are asked to stay for longer than you had originally anticipated. In a pinch, an extra outfit that is ready to go allows you options when deciding how to match the dress code of the meetings you must attend. Get to the airport/ bus station/ train terminal earlier than you think

In an article on Business Insider by Martin Zwilling, the idea of travel being essential to the growth of a small business was discussed, with the conclusion that business owners should both expect and be willing to hit the road in order to grow their companies. Some of the points made in favor of traveling as a small business owner included the fact that, thanks to the reach of the internet business owners can successfully win contracts from clients that are physically very far from their actual locations. Traveling to meet these clients and affirm relationships can be a good use of time and resources if the potential for a long and productive relationship is there. Another thing to note is that business owners can often benefit from attending industry specific events in order to speak as experts or simply to present their wares and create connections. In order to determine the importance of travel for your business, think realistically about the relative value. While you

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