Small business owners continued to seek loans in May. According to Reuters, the Paynet Small Business Lending index reported a 9% increase in the index since last year. This indicates that business owners are slowly recovering from the economic trials of the recession and cautiously moving forward. Small business loans are typically used to finance improvements which can lead to increased hiring, a good sign that economic activity and job creation may get a much needed jump start in the next few quarters. The increase in lending belies the fact that many small business owners have difficulty obtaining small business financing from banks. Horizon Business Funding provides options for small business owners outside of the traditional lending space that are fast and easy to obtain, even if they have bad credit or existing loans. The health of the US economy depends on the ability of small business owners to gain access to liquid capital to invest in improvement. The increase in lending last month is

While numbers have improved over the years relating to trucking accidents, the Federal government recently loaned truckers more break time in new regulations that have just gone into effect. The vast majority of truckers are against the mandated break time, saying that the down time cuts down on the number of paid hours they can book and loans a new threat to their livelihood. The working week for drivers has been reduced from 80 hours to 72 hours, with new mandated rest periods. The point of the legislation is to reduce driver fatigue,  which is backed by scientific research as being one of the main contributors to the 4000 truck crashes that occur each year in the US. However, with crash numbers already going down, drivers are saying these measures are redundant. Furthermore, drivers claim that the reduced hours will increase domestic shipping costs and congestion on roads. On the opposite side of the spectrum, the researchers who have compiled the data behind the legislation

The SBA is planning to implement changes that will broaden the number of businesses classified as small businesses effective on the 22nd of the month. This means that a larger number of businesses will be able to apply for small business loans from the SBA as well as compete for government contracts, as 23% of the Governments purchases are mandated to support small business and loan a boost to the national economy. Thousands of new businesses will qualify in 70 different industries including forestry, finance, arts, recreation and mining. Small business owners who are interested in these newly available loans should check to see if their business can qualify under the new definitions that are about to come out. If your business does not qualify, a merchant cash advance from Horizon Business Funding can be a great alternative.

The sunny summer months loan a yen towards lazy behavior to many small business owners, especially seasonal businesses who do more sales during the winter. However, you can still get a lot done this time of year. Here are some suggestions how to loan yourself a competitive edge during summer. 1) Create a strategy for the coming year. Loan yourself some time each day to plan the growth of your business. Set some goals for what would you like your business to be achieving three months from now. How about in a year? Take those goals and put them on paper, then think big! The edge that you have as a small business owner is the ability to implement creative strategies in your business, so put your mind to work and plan your next move. 2) Set up a social media presence. It’s wedding month, and you’ve been loaned a tux or a fancy dress and are expected to be away from work for a while. Take your business

It’s tax day. Unsurprisingly, news sites across the web are filled with last minute tax tips and opinion pieces from every ideological prospective. A piece published by Politico is called “Small businesses need tax reform” and begins “Here we are on Tax Day, the time of year to rightfully reflect on our nation’s tax system. Most Americans immediately experience tax pain in terms of how much they pay to Uncle Sam. For our nation’s small businesses, the complexity of compliance adds insult to injury.” It is a guest column by Representative Sam Graves, a Republican from Missouri and chairman of the House of Representatives’ Small Business Committee. He goes on to call for action from his fellow politicians. He highlights the divide between the known importance of small businesses to the American economy and how small businesses are treated by the tax code. From high rates, to confusing regulations and constant changes, Graves argues that small business owners are never loaned a break. Click here

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Do you own a small business? Did you just start your business? Did the make-up of your business recently change? Or do you just have questions about small business taxes? If you answered yes to any of these questions, the IRS has created a digital hub to help. While the IRS is not known for being tech savvy, they do know taxes and have laid out all you need to know in an easy to follow “Virtual small business tax workshop” for small business and the self-employed. Topics covered include: What you need to know about Federal Tax and your new business How to set up and run your business so paying taxes isn’t a hassle How to file and pay your taxes using a computer What you need to know when you run your business out of your home How to set up a retirement plan for yourself and your employees What you need to know about federal taxes when hiring employees/contractors How to

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