While your calendar doesn’t have to be in the shape of a whimsical panda, that choice is up to you. What is important is that you lay out the crucial dates that your business needs to juggle in an easy to read format that can allow you to better stay on top of what needs doing. More importantly, it helps prevent dates from sneaking up on you, especially if you are a person who is prone to distraction or if your business environment is more casual. The holidays are expected to be particularly busy this year, and business owners consequently have even more on their plates than usual. Even if you are person who has managed to get things done without a calendar in the past, consider trying out this simple but effective tool. First, add major sales days to your calendar. Review your historical data to determine if there are any non-holiday days that are particularly busy for you, then add on established sales days

SBA Goes after EPA Clean Water Rule

Thursday, 02, October , 2014 by

Clean water rulings from the EPA attempting to extend its jurisdiction to include not only America’s navigable lakes and rivers but feeder streams and ponds as well have come under fire from the SBA, who says they are representing the voices of Farming small businesses in particular as well as those who take issue with the potentially great expansion of jurisdiction the rule would represent for the EPA. However, according to earlier surveys of small business owners, a large majority were in favor of increased environmental protections that would protect the cleanliness of local waterways. Many businesses rely on the cleanliness of their local water as it directly impacts the cost of food production and the costs of doing business for many other industries. In a clarifying statement from Liz Purchia, EPA spokeswoman, the rule was defended as only a clarification of existing authority that would create no new requirements for small businesses. Is this rule really the issue, or are small business owners in general

Small businesses are much more than just important contributors to the economy, they also serve as hubs of their communities by contributing the unique social and cultural landscapes of their environments. Building up a sense of community around a small business is a great way to make sure that not only are people aware of the business and choosing to reward it with their patronage, but also supporting it on a deeper level, integrating it with their fundamental perception of what makes their neighborhood special. Generally, people like the idea of supporting small businesses, as shown by the success of buy local campaigns across the country. It is important that business owners understand and harness this goodwill in order to play on one of the intrinsic edges that they have when going up against larger corporate competition. What are some ways that business owners can begin to build a sense of community? Apart from coordinating with other small businesses towards the creation of a buy local

A business’s customer service department is its first line of defense when it comes to reputation management, customer retention and gathering customer feedback, so it is important that the reps within the department are a match both for the organizational needs of the position as well as the company culture as represented by its branding. For this reason, hiring customer service representatives can be  a much more time consuming process than one might originally expect. Still, it pays to be thorough when interviewing prospective employees, and for an important client facing position like customer service, breaking up the hiring process into a few more steps than you might otherwise take is a prudent measure. When looking at resumes, look for customer service experience as well as experience that matches your small business’s environment. Looking at a pile of resumes for customer service positions can be more difficult than, for example, an accounting position. When looking for someone to work with the books, most of the experience

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